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Welcome to Ikenobo Ikebana
UK London Chapter
Official UK London Branch

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. 

Ikebana is a meditative practise that reflects nature and its ever-changing seasons. 

Ikebana arrangements tell plants' stories in minute detail, using seasonal materials to bring nature's cycles to life.

Ikenobo's Ikebana

Rikka Style Flower Arrangement.jpg
Rikka Style

Rikka is the source of all later Ikenobo styles, expressing the beauty of the natural landscape. The Rikka style includes Rikka Shofautai and Rikka Shimputai.

Shoka Style

Shoka originated in the 18th Century. It expresses life's perpetual change and renewal, and presents our impression of a plant's essence simply and beautifully. The Shoka style includes Shoka Shimputai.

Free Style

Free style is the most recent style to emerge to suit contemporary environments and tastes. It used plant materials in new ways whilst respecting the beauty and essential qualities of each element.

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